Capital Introductions

A Curated Approach to Capital Introductions for Blockchain Companies

The #1 focus of our firm is to ensure your project gets the funding it needs. We leverage our real world industry experience in the ICO space along with a network of handpicked active investors and industry funds to quantitatively increase your chance of achieving your funding goals. Our customers trust us to put them in front of the right capital allocators and our investors trust us to show them the most highest caliber opportunities for their portfolio.

  • At BlockSquared, we invest a substantial amount of time into understanding our clients’ strategies and objectives enabling us to plan the most effective capital introductions
  • BlockSquared utilizes its multi-region network of Institutional Investors, Private Investors, Angel Investors, Family Offices, Syndicates and established Crypto Funds
  • BlockSquared’s proficiency in pairing funds with capital is further strengthened by our 3-4 invite-only capital introduction events held in strategic geographical markets each year

We are committed the success of our clients and investors!

Our customers trust us to put them in front of the right capital allocators, and our investors trust us to show them the highest caliber opportunities for their portfolio.

Invitation-Only Capital Introduction Events

  • Handpicked ICO’s with 15-20 of the top investors in the blockchain space along with some of the wealthiest and most exclusive Family Funds at a private events all over the world gather for an invitation-only night of networking. We help create real connections between projects and investors.
  • All attending investors are actively looking for projects to invest in, and all of our attending projects are handpicked from dozens of project applicants.
  • Our events not only attract active investors but some of the most elite family office members in the world.
  • Our events bypass all the pointless conversations at standard networking events and get people in a room together that want to do business. Real projects, real investors creating real transactions!
  • Just a few of the investors at our last dinner included: Spice VC, TZero, Cardano, BlockChain Capital and over 10 family offices including an American Strawberry Empire Heiress, the head of the oldest family office in the world, and members of one of the oldest Royal Families in India.

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BlockSquared has a dedicated office and team in Hong Kong that allows us to quickly ramp up roadshows to meet client schedules and needs not only in HK but the Asian region as a whole.

Our Roadshows are tailored for your project and cap raise goals:

Regional Coverage

Regional Coverage

  • Hong Kong
  • Seoul
  • Singapore
  • Tokyo
  • London
  • Shenzhen
  • Dubai
Investor Coverage

Investor Coverage

  • Seed Investors
  • Single & Multi Family Offices
  • Fund of Funds
  • Platform Allocations
  • Institutional Investors
  • Syndicates


  • Marketing Message Refinement
  • Regional Selection
  • Travel Logistics
  • Appointment Confirmations
  • Investor Spectrum Positioning Advice
  • Review of Applicable Industry Resources
  • Peer Analysis and Feedback Presentations

Execution Phase

  • Direct one-on-one investor introductions – We attend every meeting with our customers
  • Average roadshows include 3-5 meetings per day per region
  • Anchor events – We can if so desired coordinate anchor events through one of our existing event partners
  • Follow up – BlockSquared works with our clients to follow up every meeting to closure or funding
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