ICO Advisory Services

BlockSquared Capital will provide guidance on your project including (but not limited to) performing a Project Analysis, defining a token model, legal structure and compliance model, helping implement the legal structure through partners, and creating a solid Private Placement Offering Memorandum, laying the groundwork for a successful capital raise.

Project Analysis

Project Analysis

  • Provide guidance on your project, laying the groundwork for a solid business model designed to weather the volatile cryptocurrency market.
  • Project and Economics analysis to ensure the proposition is attractive to investors while feasible for your business.
Define Token Model

Define Token Model along with Issuance Structure

  • Provide Guidance on how to create a sustainable tokenomics strategy that keeps your token’s market value and cap raise healthy.
  • Determine Token Rights and Economics
  • Help determine Issuance Phases, Token Values, Dividends, etc.
Define Legal Structure

Define Legal Structure and Compliance Model

  • Analyze the existing business and token strategy, then provide guidance to help ensure there is a sound legal structure to proceed with the ICO.
  • Identify the best legal jurisdiction to run the ICO
Legal Entity Creation

Legal Entity Creation

  • Assistance in the formation of entities that provide sound legal structure to proceed with the ICO based on initial analysis.

Tokenization Platform

BlockSquared Capital provides a complete suite of Tokenization Services delivered in conjunction with a Strategic Partner offering an industry leading solution.

Tokenization Platform services include the following:

Front-End Website

Front-End Website

A front-end web site where investors can sign up and go through the investment process during the campaign, and allow new token holders after the campaign to register and get approved after. The web site will include an investor dashboard that will serve as the hub for each investor to get services from Company. 
The web front end will contain the following functionality:

  • Registration
  • ICO documentation
  • Project description
  • News section & Events section
  • Team, advisors and partners
  • Blog
Management Backend

Management Backend

A management backend where a Company’s team can manage the process and legal documents per country, manage the incoming investors, and take them through the investment process, including KYC/AML approvals, creation of wallets, and so on.



The following functionality (non exhaustive):

  • Investor Accreditation process
  • E-Signatures for the Fund subscription agreement
  • Investment process email notifications and investors mailing
  • Blockchain information retrieval
  • Token issuance and smart contract
Investor Activity Management

Investor Activity Management

Management of investor activity after the token sale campaign, such as management of distribution of exit proceeds with buy-back and burning of buy-back tokens. 

Define Legal Structure

Legal Support

Access to our extensive legal IP about how to treat security tokens in each jurisdiction and which restrictions you need to be aware of.

Investor Coverage

Exchange Integrations

Access to all integrations with Exchanges for listing such as Airswap, Sharespost and OpenFinance, guaranteeing your tokens will be listable from a regulatory and technical point of view.

Ongoing Maintenance

Ongoing Maintenance

Ongoing maintenance of the platform, including all website content, investor communications, ongoing KYC Monitoring and intervention, token issuance, weekly reporting of website metrics, and more.

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